Strategic Approached to IT Talent Shortages
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Strategic Approaches To IT Talent Shortage

Jul 2, 2024

Finding the right candidates for IT positions is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. These roles are crucial for a company’s development, but what do you do when months of searching for a candidate with specific skills yield no remarkable results?

In this blog post, we have looked further into this issue and share our key strategy for addressing the lack of qualified IT candidates in Western Europe.

The Situation Today

The shortage of IT candidates is historically high, and experts predict that the tech talent gap will continue to widen. Currently, 90% of Scandinavian companies are seeking more IT developers but struggle to find suitable candidates. Many issues contribute to this challenge, and few have found a stable solution.

Here is our key strategy to optimize your recruitment flow of qualified candidates:

3 Steps to Ease the Project

1. Outsource to Nearshore Locations
2. Structure Your Search
3. Build a Dedicated Team

Finding Qualified IT Candidates at a Low Cost

Usually, price and quality go hand in hand. However, by outsourcing, it is possible to lower the costs of IT professionals who deliver your software development while maintaining high-quality work. This approach keeps your business stable both economically and in terms of continuous development.

Outsourcing your IT department to an nearshore location is the solution. You need a system to ensure that every candidate is qualified and skilled for the position. At Crossworkers, we have established such a system. We enable a smooth onboarding process for you and your new coworker, all set up in our established office in Cairo.

A specific skill matrix is used when searching for IT candidates in our database. This helps you find the right candidates in a shorter timeframe. Soon, your dedicated neareshore team will be up and running, fully set up in Crossworkers’ offices.


Contact us today to discover how IT nearshore can drive your ideas toward success and seize new opportunities in the digital landscape.

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